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Help us take care of those
who protect us

Help us take care of those who protect us

On February 24, 2022, Russian troops launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Since then, our cities have been constantly bombed with missiles and shelled. Countless lives were and are being lost.
MacPaw Foundation is a nonprofit organization established by MacPaw, a software development company based in Kyiv. Since 2016, the Foundation has implemented dozens of social projects in 8 priority directions: Green Project, Tech and Science, Diversity, Education, People in Need, Animals, City, Ukraine.
Due to our commitment to the declared total resistance, we shifted our focus. MacPaw Foundation intends to help save lives of Ukrainian protectors and provide relief to as many civilians as possible.

Donate to help us speed up peace in Ukraine and protect universal values.

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Oleksandr Kosovan

Founder and CEO of MacPaw
Oleksandr Kosovan
MacPaw envisions a future where technology empowers human life. During the full-scale war, that russia has launched against Ukraine, it’s important to use all opportunities to bring Ukraine's victory closer. We use technology. We provide our defenders and the civilians with technologies that help save lives.
Oleksandr Kosovan

Our work

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, MacPaw Foundation has used its unique technological expertise to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with non-lethal help:
Technical equipment
Protective gear
Tactical medicine

Facts and figures

MacPaw Foundation has provided assistance for millions of USD, including hundreds of thousands of donations from active users of MacPaw products and Ukraine supporters worldwide.
Personal protective equipment
(helmet, goggles, gloves, hearing protection, boots, etc.)
Bulletproof vests

Technical equipment
(laptops (including armored ones), tablets, hard drives, recorders)
Thermal imagers

40 000+


$ 5,415,204
(including $ 787 172 donation)

Why choose us?

Transparent and Simple
To provide rapid and effective help, we collaborate and empower local grassroots initiatives with the necessary connections and know-how. We regularly post clear updates and public reports on our activities. Donate is simple, and we're always easy to reach.
Experienced Team
Our experienced team is part of the MacPaw company — 14 years in business, 30 million users worldwide. Since the Foundation's establishment in 2016, we've implemented over 30 social projects in Ukraine.
Sustainable Funding
MacPaw and its founder — Oleksandr Kosovan — established our Foundation as a charity arm of the company, which allowed for sustainable funding. With the onset of Russia's full-scale war, we also actively promote fundraising activities.

Our history

Registration & launch
MacPaw, a Ukrainian software development company, establishes a charity arm — MacPaw Foundation. Over the next few years, it will launch and support the company's social projects.
#MacPawCares launch
#MacPawCares is a series of social projects MacPaw launched to mark the company’s 10th anniversary. The projects addressed the most pressing societal issues in Ukraine.
#MacPawCares grows
Because of the team's enthusiasm for tackling social issues, the company decided to expand #MacPawCares into a full-fledged initiative to help the community, city, and country. Since then, #MacPawCares has successfully executed over 30 projects.
Vernadsky Research Base
MacPaw Foundation purchased necessary research equipment, rugged laptops for extreme conditions, hardware, and, most importantly, a satellite antenna for the Ukrainian Antarctic Akademik Vernadsky station. The station now has Wi-Fi, therefore, Ukrainian researchers can continue their work even more efficiently.
24 Feb, 2022
Shifting Focus
Since the full-scale Russian war onset on February 24, 2022, MacPaw Foundation has shifted its focus, which will remain unchanged until victory. Currently, the are three main directions: tactical medicine, protective gear, and technical equipment for Ukraine’s defenders and civilian relief.
…till Ukraine wins
Ongoing activities
MacPaw Foundation made its mission to empower Ukrainian defenders with technological solutions and other lifesaving equipment. Since February 24, 2022, MacPaw, through its Foundation, has donated over $5 millions to support Ukraine.


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